Acting as your MSP, our Workforce Management team assists in managing your contingent workforce programs with ease and transparency. We will help design a contingent workforce program and can even integrate our VMS Program with Workforce Recruitment solutions to provide you with a comprehensive workforce solution.

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Does a self-managed program or traditional MSP work best for you?

Whether you have a traditional MSP managing your contingent workers or are looking at establishing a new contingent workforce program, the first question should always be whether to continue with or engage a traditional third-party MSP or perform this function in-house.

With the advancements of contingent labor technology solutions, a Self-Managed MSP ran by your internal team may be the best solution. Our Workforce Management Division has the expertise, tools and systems to help your organization select the right model that best meets your needs.

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Why Use a MSP?

Our team absorbs the responsibility of managing a contingent workforce program by providing visibility and accountability into our customers’ workforce programs. We help clients streamline their process while increasing visibility, reducing cost and improving outcomes.


Why Partner with Eastridge?

Our Workforce Management Division is strictly focused on delivering Workforce Management solutions. Our team does not staff or recruit – we maintain a dedicated purpose that does not deviate from our core offering. As a subsidiary of a national workforce solutions provider with over 40 years of demonstrated excellence, our team draws from a rich background of experience and expertise to design and deliver industry leading contingent workforce solutions.