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How Eastridge helped an industry leader consolidate its large contingent workforce into one manageable MSP

To meet labor market challenges and facilitate growth, many companies are turning toward new models of employment.  This allows them to increase pools of talent and develop greater flexibility.  But these new models can come with challenges.  How do you manage national or even global recruiting efforts?  And how do you ensure compliance with independent contractor regulations? How do you find workforce partnerships that are tailored to your business and can change with your dynamic needs?

While experiencing a nationwide growth spike and to prepare for international expansion, one industry leader recognized that its existing MSP partner could not scale its operations or tailor programs to successfully manage its large and geographically dispersed workforce.  

The company partnered with Eastridge Workforce Solutions to implement a second-generation MSP program to consolidate and service their entire contingent workforce into one single, easy-to-manage program.  This program resulted in streamlined management and compliance as well as higher talent quality.

“Eastridge was on top of the project from the start, streamlined our operations perfectly and made my job a lot easier.”


In order to achieve its goals of streamlining management while scaling up, the company needed to address several key challenges:

  • Consolidate Numerous Suppliers: To conduct business operations and workforce management more efficiently, this partner needed to manage vendors and suppliers via a single contact and a single technological solution.  
  • Improve Management While Scaling Up: To enable the company and its workforce to scale, the company needed a new second-generation MSP partner capable of taking over operations and continually scaling its service as managerial demands on the employer of record surged.
  • Manage Compliance Complexity:  The company needed a compliance strategy for all geographies in which it conducted business operations, as well as the proper classification of contingent worker engagements.


Eastridge provided a complete second-generation MSP+VMS technology solution, along with a full suite of services to help the client manage its expanding global workforce. These included:

  • Efficient Management at Scale:  A dedicated program manager and devoted staff to manage and service the account, providing hands-on managerial support. Eastridge gave the client access to its own internal resources for help with legal, accounting, technology, engineering, and development matters. 
  • One System of Record: A customized vendor management system (VMS) powered by Talient, migrating the existing solution, further consolidating vendors, and renegotiated supplier contracts, providing better rates. Eastridge standardized and centralized all administrative functions including vendor management, compliance, timekeeping, and invoicing. 
  • Compliance Efficiency: A compliance and governance strategy applicable to all geographies. Talient provided greater visibility across business operations, which significantly simplified legal compliance.
  • Outsourced Payroll/Employer of Record Services:  Payroll/employer of record services, and managing the global workforce and ensuring legal compliance. This freed the client’s time to work on strategic projects.


Eastridge’s program delivered the level of service and custom technology that this client needed to streamline management and gain full visibility into its operations, enabling its next level of growth and setting the stage for a more seamless future international expansion.

  • Freed up managerial time 
  • Improved visibility into operations
  • Simplified compliance
  • Enhanced candidate quality
  • Operational benefits from day 1 of deployment 

Within a 5 month time frame following the outset of the program, Eastridge implemented an additional 3 programs, onboarded 28 suppliers and managed hires from 13 different suppliers.

Eastridge has been serving as a single point of contact for vendors and suppliers since the program began, which has freed up hours of the client’s time. The culture fit continues to yield excellent results, with 95% of Direct Send Placements by Eastridge ending favorably with a full-term completed assignment.


About Eastridge

Established in 1972, Eastridge Workforce Solutions is an employee-owned provider of full-service talent acquisition and management solutions for companies globally. Eastridge provides a full range of solutions including professional / technical and commercial staffing. We also provide workforce management solutions such as payrolling, recruitment process outsourcing, as well as managed service provider and vendor management systems programs.  Our services are backed by Talient, a proprietary technology that streamlines every step of workforce management.  Eastridge proudly helps over 20,000 associates find jobs annually across the globe.


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