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Women of Wonder

Our Mission

Women of Wonder (WOW) cultivates an inclusive environment that supports and encourages employee-owners who identify as women to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration, and discussion.


Our History

After the group that is now B.L.A.C.K.@Eastridge was founded in 2020, Eastridge’s leadership put out a call to action: What other employee resource groups were needed? 

Immediately, employee-owners identified the need for women in the company to have their own safe space. Human resources and recruitment are female-dominated industries, which tracks at Eastridge—nearly 60% of our internal team members identify as women, including 44% of our leadership. 

With such a large population of women in the company and the industry, creating a platform for women to connect, share support, and thrive at work was essential. Led by Kristin Carpenter, Ariana Lujan, and Sarah Kalaei, WOW was founded in January 2021.

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Monthly Meetings

On the last Wednesday of every month (“WOW Wednesday”), we meet and share our perspectives with other women and allies in the company.


Open Conversations

We facilitate a discussion forum with timely topics, including women in the media, reproductive healthcare, COVID-19 at work, and celebrating working women through the ages.


Holiday Outreach

We host annual fundraising campaigns for charities that impact the lives of women. In 2021, we raised funds and products in support of I Support the Girls and Sonriendo Juntos (Smiling Together).



We coordinate with the marketing team to develop recruiting campaigns targeted toward job applicants who identify as women.



Every March, we raise awareness and host events to celebrate women’s contributions to both Eastridge’s history and the world.


Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers have included inspiring and pioneering women from Eastridge’s early days as a company, such as Rebecca Smith, Lynn Taber, and Judith Enns.

Building Our Future

Our future is expansive: more events, more speakers, more fundraisers, more allies across the company, and more career sponsorship for the women of Eastridge. As we grow, we will continue to learn and honor our members’ needs, providing them with the necessary support to thrive as women and employee-owners.

One way that support has manifested is through a best practices guideline that outlines equitable meeting practices. It prompts leaders to ask themselves questions like, Where are people seated at the table? Who leads the conversation? Who takes notes? When should we pause to create space for everyone to participate? With additions from all the employee resource groups in the company, working together as “Eastridge One,” this document is our guide for productive and inclusive conversations at all levels. 

Finally, sponsorship is our future. We strive to create an environment that builds people up. Using WOW’s network, we highlight talent in the company, and we uplift voices that may otherwise not be heard. We will continue to amplify diverse voices and create a safe space for women to bring their most authentic selves to work.

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