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Eastridge Workforce Solutions holds an enduring commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives and advancement. Like Eastridge, many organizations are investing in advancing diversity efforts within the workplace. Building a successful DE&I program requires extensive education, strategies, commitment, and community involvement.

It’s more critical than ever that organizations revisit their DE&I initiatives and provide the best workplace experience for their employees and communities. Exemplifying true diversity will allow every company to deliver their best.

In this blog, we review how Eastridge is advancing diversity in the workplace, our recent DE&I initiatives, and our goals for inspiring widespread change both now and in the years to come.

Educating for Widespread Diversity

To help companies conduct open, honest, and meaningful discussions around DE&I, Eastridge put together a diversity, equity, and inclusion webinar program, joined by DE&I experts and leaders May Snowden, Glenn Williams, Amber Gardina-Quintanilla, and Sarah Hassaine.

Additionally, we’ve developed DE&I resources for our clients, colleagues, and community:

  • Keys to a Successful Supplier Diversity Program (eBook): Our eBook, written by Nancy Minchillo, Vice President of Global Supplier Diversity at JPMorgan Chase, aims to help organizations understand the critical first steps toward establishing a successful supplier diversity program.
  • How to Build and Maintain DE&I Program: Our eBook covers four DE&I concepts and the corresponding KPIs for monitoring their success. You can use these practical steps to get started or as ideas for improving an existing program.
  • How Companies Build DE&I: This infographic serves as a resource to help create, maintain, and measure the results of your own DE&I program.
  • Building a Better Workplace: In our webinar, a panel of DE&I experts and leaders from Qualcomm, ResMed, The Conference Board, and Eastridge offer practical tips and best practices from first-hand experiences.
  • Keys to a Successful Supplier Diversity Program (webinar): This webinar highlights the benefits of diversity for you and your suppliers while outlining how to build an impactful program.

Inspiring Change

Eastridge’s leadership team continuously brings ongoing awareness and action to social issues, redefining what success looks like for all of us in the workplace. They have shown true leadership through commitment and support for Eastridge’s expanding DE&I initiatives.

  • Conducted bias training for all Eastridge employees, hosted by renowned speaker and culture expert, Michelle Silverthorn.
  • Rolled out anti-harassment training to all Eastridge employees and associates.
  • Amplified affinity group participation with monthly meetings and community events for Eastridge’s LGBTQ+ Committee, Women of Wonder, C4, and LatinXellence.
  • Signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, engaging in collective action on diversity matters with other signatories.

Eastridge’s leadership team also addresses vital topics frequently, keeping the entire team, our network and community, and our valued clients informed.

Our Letters From the CEO acknowledge many issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. These letters spread awareness and demonstrate our leadership’s commitment to transparency, recognition, and championing the concept of bringing one’s whole self to work.

Final Thoughts

Through hard work, diligence, and loyalty to our values, we are committed to using this moment to provide education, opportunity, and enrichment for all.

By sharing these actions and collaborating with the unified goal of advancing equality, we can achieve diversity and inclusion both as individuals and as an organization.

Read Eastridge’s 2021 DE&I Statement to learn about our ongoing DE&I initiatives and how we help organizations expand their diversity, equity, and inclusion success.

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