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Eastridge Cloud: Workforce Technology Built Around Your Needs

Workforce leaders need to work efficiently at every point of the employment process.  While many technology solutions exist today to streamline recruiting and employment, the Eastridge team found that these solutions didn’t address all of the complexities and challenges of our clients.

That’s why we developed the Eastridge Cloud, a proprietary tech platform designed to be easy to use yet capable of solving highly complex challenges.


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See What Eastridge Cloud Can Do

The primary features of Eastridge Cloud aim to guide organizations through the entire recruiting process. These include contingent worker rosters, third-party staffing partners including for MSP programs, and simplifying and integrating with existing tools.

Cost center allocation

Invoices, PO tracking and depletion notices

First, second, and third shift timekeeping across midnight barrier

Shift differential pay and reporting

Workers with multiple assignments across various departments

Compliance when engaging 1099s

Onboarding and offboarding process tracking

MSP supplier performance

 Our solution delivers proactive communication and efficient, accurate solutions that scale with your company. We also offer consultation and custom reporting tools, giving you a comprehensive, dynamic look at your performance.

Better Visibility

From hiring to payrolling, Eastridge Cloud allows you to oversee every aspect of your global contingent workforce and supplier network. Our solution provides quality, consistency, and visibility for managing your contingent workforce programs. With real-time data and visibility, you can produce cost savings, mitigate risk, ensure compliance, maximize transparency, and drive engagement. 

We also work to streamline existing suppliers, saving you time and money. Eastridge Cloud manages vendor payments with seamless visibility to produce greater cost-savings, eliminate rogue spending, and consolidate supplier invoicing.



Tech Optimization

Eastridge Cloud works with our clients, supporting a rich, mobile-first experience to streamline how you manage your contingent workforce. Keeping your business on track, Eastridge Cloud works on mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and desktop. 

Eastridge Cloud provides custom onboarding for each worker, ensuring immediate productivity for all new hires and eliminating tedious pre-hire paperwork.

Using Payrolling Requisitions

Eliminate Complexity

With Eastridge Cloud, we aim to solve your workforce challenges through configurable workflows and automation. Our optimized technology makes minimizing workforce complexities easy.


Easy Integrations With Your Tools

Eastridge Cloud™ VMS provides global management and process efficiencies for your entire contingent workforce ecosystem. Enjoy single sign-on (SSO) convenience and the integration of all your enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources information systems (HRIS), workflow and enterprise operations, reporting, finance and accounts payable, timekeeping, and instant messaging.

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The Eastridge Cloud VMS

Technology developed with the idea that each action should require three clicks or less.

One Platform for All Your Needs

Gain full visibility to your entire contingent workforce, including suppliers, contractors, and departments.

Onboarding and Offboarding Dashboards

View the progress of each worker as they move through the process. Check background clearance, document signatures, provisioning, and more.

Timekeeping and Tracking

Our easy-to-use platform allows workers to easily punch in and out while creating a dashboard to approve timecards with a single click and easily track all workers' time.

Real-Time Reporting

Gain full visibility to your entire contingent workforce with up-to-date reporting (e.g., worker rosters, supplier performance, and other financial data).

Time & Expense Management

Easily create new expenses and assignments from one platform.

Ensure Contingent Workforce Engagement

  • Streamline everything from hiring to payrolling team members or procuring suppliers to vendor compliance with our proprietary technology supporting process efficiencies in the cloud.
  • Three-clicks-or-less design ensures enhanced user adoption of the Eastridge Cloud™.
  • Let your teams continue to use the tools they already love. Customize your own technology integrations with Workday, SAP, Sisense, ADP, Tableau, and more.
  • Our in-house engineering team performs custom configurations to give you the real-time visibility you need today and in the future.

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