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The rebrand reflects the evolution of Eastridge’s proprietary workforce technology platform and VMS into a solution designed to automate and streamline all facets of contingent labor.

December 4, 2023 -- Today, Eastridge announced the rebrand of its proprietary contingent workforce technology platform and  Vendor Management System (VMS) to Talient an Eastridge Solution™.  Talient streamlines the management of contingent labor programs through an intuitive user interface designed to offer simple solutions for complex workforce needs. By focusing on the worker and client user experience, Talient creates efficiencies and integration options for clients using third-party staffing partners within MSP programs. 

The updated name and logo reflects a continued series of enhancements offering greater data analytics, better user experience, and more in-depth reporting capabilities. Eastridge will complete the brand transition by January 2024 and will continue to roll out augmentations throughout the year.

“We designed Talient as a sleek, easy-to-use HR solution at the intersection of talent and data intelligence,” said Corrie Judge, COO, Eastridge. “Talient provides our clients with detailed visibility into their contingent workforce in a single platform. This simplifies compliance and usability, allowing companies to help enhance contingent workforce spend and strategy decisions vital to long term growth.”

Eastridge built Talient from the ground up nearly a decade ago to meet the needs of workforce leaders looking to reduce time spent around the administration of their contingent workforce and to help companies to scale. Talient simplifies and automates talent acquisition and back office functions, including everyday functions such as compliant time capture and roster management, as well as more complex tasks like onboarding and advanced reporting, so that analysis can be done on spend, recruitment results, and supplier performance.

Talient supports contingent labor administration across a wide range of industries and company sizes, and it offers functionality not readily available in other similar platforms. For example, Talient simplifies everyday staffing tasks including bulk timecard approvals, which is often needed in manufacturing environments. Additionally, Talient has compliant timekeeping in all 50 states and globally, and helps correctly classify and manage 1099 contractors, all in one platform, at the touch of a button.

“Eastridge created Talient to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Seth Stein, CEO, Eastridge. “The result is a unique technology platform and VMS product that solves for the challenges faced by a wide range of organizations of any size, with the ability to scale as our clients grow. Investment in technology is one of Eastridge’s key strategic initiatives and we are committed to the ongoing evolution of Talient.  This meaningful investment  will continue to help our clients address complex workforce challenges while leveraging opportunities for growth.”


Corrie Judge:  Talient is a vendor management system that allows full view into a client's contingent workforce. This includes payroll and temporary workers across multiple staffing firms 1099 contractors and even SOW BPO engagements. And it's all in one platform, which is really the key differentiator for us. It provides everyday needs such as compliance time capture and roster management, but it also goes to that next level with automated solutions for onboarding and complex reporting. So that analysis can be done on spend, results of recruitment efforts and vendor scorecarding. That's pretty much all of the touch of a button, which is very big for clients as they're looking at their larger contingent workforce strategy. It gives clients information, information that when used well, should impact and in most cases reduce contingent workforce spend and overall decreases the time burden to the client to have to manage it. It creates a consistent way of managing people and data across vendors engaged by the client as part of their contingent workforce strategy. Talient was designed by people who know the challenges of staffing and talent retention in a fast paced environment, which is a very big differentiator for us and it's strengthened and added to our focus on making sure we have a straightforward user interface and really the ability to scale with our clients as a partner and grow. And that's what we've seen happen again and again with our clients over the past five years. We've seen them start using 1 or 2 of the products and then grow and move into using almost all of them as their companies have grown and we've been able to scale with them. The product has matured tremendously in the last few years through new features and improvements to the user interface, and we really wanted to reflect those changes under a more suitable name and brand because we have really grown up and we are offering such a different variety of products than we did ten years ago when we first started out. So that was really the impetus for a rebrand and also to share some of the new things that we've developed with our clients in the broader staffing community. So more advanced reporting options, enhanced self-service functionality, new products to support the changing workforce that we're seeing. But we really want to make sure that we maintain that focus on scalability and compliance. That has really been the hallmark of Talient. We want to make sure that that is front and center in almost everything that we do, but yet it's scalable and easy to use for our clients. So that's where our focus is going to be on the user interface, but really more advanced reporting, enhanced self-service functionality and a lot of new products because the world of work is changing and we want to make sure that we are providing those solutions to our clients, that they want to try out new things.

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