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It’s Women’s History Month and we’re honored to celebrate our remarkable women leaders. Throughout this month, visit our blog for Q&As to learn what motivates the women of Eastridge and for lessons learned throughout their careers. 

Q: What year did you join Eastridge and what is your current position?  
A: 1995 and I am the Area Sales Manager for Eastridge’s construction staffing division. 

Q: What has your job taught you that you think about in other areas of your life?
A: From the first day I started with Eastridge (formerly known as Contractors and Builders) in 1995 I knew I always wanted to succeed and do my best. This goes back to my first conversation with Robert Svet (founder of Eastridge Workforce Solutions).  

Bob took a genuine interest in me and my twin daughters. He was instrumental in relocating us from Fresno, CA to Las Vegas, NV to help start the construction staffing division. His encouragement on a daily basis of my skill and ability left me wanting to make him proud. Not a day goes by that I don't do my best to live up to that confidence and desire to succeed that he so generously supported in me.  

Every area of my life has been enhanced because of the chance Bob took on me years ago. My daughters were able to attend college, I purchased my first home as a single mother, bought my daughters their first car when they were 16… this was all because of the opportunities Eastridge has provided to me and my family. 

I try to represent the Eastridge DNA in my personal life because of what it has taught me in my professional life. Eastridge found me when I was in need of a place to call home. I'm not sure what my life would look like without it!

Q: Is there any advice you would offer your younger self?
A: I would tell her to not hold on so tight because life has a way of working itself out.  Try to relax and enjoy the ride.

Q: If you had to articulate a mantra for 2020, what would it be?
A: Go back to the basics, learn what you can from every situation, and start each day with a smile on my face.

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