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It’s Women’s History Month and we’re honored to celebrate our remarkable women leaders. Throughout this month, visit our blog for Q&As to learn what motivates the women of Eastridge and for lessons learned throughout their careers.

Q: What year did you join Eastridge and what is your current position?
A: I joined Eastridge in July of 2014 as a Sr. Business Development Representative! My actual first day was a pretty incredible introduction. I attended the annual Eastridge conference where we merged all of our boutique brands under the current Eastridge Workforce Solutions brand.   It was an amazing experience to witness the unifying of Eastridge culture and values.

Q: What has your job taught you that you think about in other areas of your life?
A: This career has taught me to see how capable and resilient I truly am.  Especially now as an ESOP partner, the opportunity is gratifying. In the staffing space, every day you walk into a different situation, driving a solution or discovering an incredible opportunity. The work is never easy.  But believing in the value that we bring to our candidates, clients and organization is pretty powerful. It pushes you forward.

I also try to carry this in my personal life as well. The value I bring as a mother, a wife, a community member, a speaker, and a creative. With my capabilities and resilience, I believe I have the willingness to commit, to develop myself, and enjoy who I am and what I bring to my life experiences. That's my DNA.

Q: Is there any advice you would offer your younger self?
A: The best advice I would give myself is to get out of my own way. Girl, Excuse Me!

Q: If you had to articulate a mantra for 2020, what would it be?
A: My 2020 mantra is "I'm so happy and grateful now that I walk to and through my fears so I can achieve my goals and live my dreams."

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