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It’s Women’s History Month and we’re honored to celebrate our remarkable women leaders. Throughout this month, visit our blog for Q&As to learn what motivates the women of Eastridge and for lessons learned throughout their careers. 

Q: What year did you join Eastridge and what is your current position?
A: I joined the Eastridge Family in 2014 and I am the Director of Operations for corporate.  

Q: What has your job taught you that you think about in other areas of your life?
A: So much of what I learn at Eastridge I take back to other aspects of my life. My biggest takeaway has been from Eastridge’s core values, and that is to Deliver Your Best. Whatever task I am doing, whether it be as a wife, daughter, or friend, I am giving it all I have to give. I have found that the more effort I invest in any job I set out to do, whether it be personal or professional, the happier I am with the outcome. 

Q: Is there any advice you would offer your younger self?
A: The most important words of advice I would offer my younger self would be to not compare yourself to others, but rather judge yourself against the best version of you. When you compete against yourself you are the one defining your own success and happiness. Only you know what you are truly capable of. 

Q: If you had to articulate a mantra for 2020, what would it be?
A: My 2020 mantra would be "Celebrate Progress.” It is important to remember to embrace the journey and not just the destination.

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