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Expanding overseas is an exciting accomplishment, but can also be a daunting task with the various employment laws, norms, costs, processes, and the time it takes to get set up. Organizations that are looking to expand globally should also prepare to bring on a team that can help them meet their hiring/employment goals while maintaining local compliance. Many of Eastridge’s clients have a meaningful population of workers outside of the United States. As a result, Eastridge developed its global employer-of-record, recruiting, and technology ecosystem to help solve for a variety of workforce needs through a single solution.

Eastridge has dramatically simplified the process - one contract, one point of contact, covering all service lines across the world. An added benefit is our ability to provide compliance, risk management, cost savings and global worker visibility through our solution.

What services can Eastridge’s global partners offer?

  • Payrolling/PEO/Employer of record services (fixed term, hourly, salary and long-term assignments)
  • Recruitment services (Software & Technology, Life Sciences, Entertainment & Gaming, Financial Services and Consumer Goods)
  • Immigration services (visa processing and candidate relocation, country specific)
  • Independent Contractor compliance services

What countries does Eastridge have active workers?

  • Ireland, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Ecuador, New Zealand, Malaysia, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Philippines, Germany, India, France, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Canada, Hungary, Brazil and Mexico

How much does it cost to recruit or employ workers globally? Will I experience cost savings?

  • Costs vary by country, as well as based on local laws and regulations. Pricing considerations include the candidate pay rate (with lower pay rates, monthly minimum fees may apply) and volume of workers. Eastridge was able to save one client over $300k annually for 11 workers in 3 countries.

Request International Support

For any global specific needs, please contact your Eastridge representative or Brian Schultz (VP of Client Experience & Global) at 858.353.8387 or

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