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Eastridge Workforce Solutions has announced a series of leadership changes that will support the company’s growth initiatives in 2024 and beyond.  The move leverages industry-leading talent and helps align Eastridge’s service offerings with the dynamic nature of how organizations are seeking solutions for today’s workforce challenges.

Rodrigo Alcaine, who currently serves as Eastridge’s Chief Growth Officer has been promoted as President of Eastridge’s Workforce Recruitment Division overseeing the Industrial, Professional, and Strategic staffing teams.  Jessica Zucker, a nationally recognized industry leader, joins Eastridge to become Senior Vice President of Eastridge’s Industrial Staffing team.  Dion Trieb, a 15+ year veteran at Eastridge, assumes the newly created role as Senior Vice President of Industrial Growth where he will head up business development and expansion for the industrial staffing team.

“Eastridge has seen growth in new and exciting ways, particularly in the industrial sector,” said Seth Stein, CEO of Eastridge.  “By leveraging exceptional talent, we are positioning ourselves to better serve the needs of all our clients, particularly in advanced manufacturing sectors like medtech, aerospace, electronics, and other industries looking for efficient ways to build a skilled contingent workforce.”

Advanced Manufacturing Requires Advanced Staffing Strategies
With new opportunities across the manufacturing sector, Eastridge has seen a greater need for high quality candidates and tailored programs that can help companies compete with greater efficiency.

“Eastridge has excelled in providing staffing to industries that require a high degree of expertise and service - a growing segment of the economy that has huge potential,” said Jessica Zucker. “I joined Eastridge because I see incredible potential for growth in industrial staffing - particularly in advanced manufacturing -  and the company has the tools, strategies, and expertise to excel in this segment.”  

“Eastridge has built programs that help companies source and vet candidates for skills needed in advanced manufacturing and logistics environments,” said Dion Trieb. “Programs like GATE, Eastridge’s proprietary screening and assessment program, for example, have been a mainstay for our industrial sector.  This program, coupled with our tailored, high-touch model of staffing, have been incredibly successful in the industrial space.  I’m looking forward to working with the business development team to introduce these kinds of innovations to a broader range of companies looking for  more efficient ways to build their workforce.”

Strategic Growth
Today, contingent workers in the U.S. total over 51.5 million or around 35% of the workforce.  As this trend continues, companies will need strategic partnerships to ensure they are maximizing value from this growing portion of the workforce.  

“Eastridge has seen rapid growth in the strategic partnership we’ve built with our customers and these relationships will be key to our long-term success,”  said Rodrigo Alcaine.  “I’m looking forward to working with new and existing clients to ensure that they are fully leveraging the benefits of a contingent workforce and maximizing their growth potential.”

Building for the Future
“These leadership changes will support and fuel our purpose, vision and our strategic plan that includes leveraging technology, sales excellence, client success, strategic account development, and excelling at business basics,” said Seth Stein.  “We’re building on a legacy of over 50 years of continuously evolving to support the needs of our clients. Eastridge's leadership team will ensure that we can support our clients, associates and partners in 2024 and for decades to come.”

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