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Helping MedTech Leaders Grow Through Staffing

Eastridge helps medical device and diagnostic manufacturers meet demand through specialized staffing. We work with MedTech leaders nationwide to deliver staffing solutions that increase productivity, ensure quality, and provide the talent MedTech leaders need to scale up efficiently.


“The Eastridge team continues to exceed my expectations and past experiences with staffing agencies. They respond promptly to our questions, they provide top-level talent, and they are willingly collaborative when we suggest ways to improve.”

Malik Parks

HR, Jabil Healthcare

Workforce Solutions for Building MedTech Teams

Eastridge provides MedTech clients with a wide range of services. This provides the flexibility they need to access talent to suit their specific needs.

Assessing Industrial Talent

Eastridge’s Gateway to Attaining Technical Experience (GATE) Program is a proprietary skills assessment identifying manufacturing and logistics talent you can feel confident hiring. GATE graduates are proven to be significantly more productive, efficient, and likely to be retained. Participants do hands-on skills assessments and experience a detailed job preview before graduating. Our clients benefit from workers better prepared to excel in the manufacturing sector and assembly line jobs.



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High-performing MedTech talent from Eastridge.