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GATE Program - Final v.2.mp4

Florencio Sanchez, GATE Instructor [00:00:04] The GATE program is a one day program, four and a half hours long to train and assess individuals and set them up to succeed in manufacturing positions. The mechanics come into the game floor and there are three sections of the first section and we test them on comprehension. The second section, we test them on manual dexterity, where they are assessed to make sure they can do work, but also can see what the work itself may be like. And then the third section, we train them on processes involved in manufacturing that they need to know to be successful in these positions. And then at the end we give them the certificate of completion.

Seth Stein, Eastridge CEO [00:00:48] The program is important for two reasons. One is, you know, companies need candidates to fill the pipeline of open positions. Taking GATE program graduates will allow them to fill that pipeline much faster and get products out the door and into the hands of their customers more efficiently and in a timely fashion for candidates. It's a fantastic opportunity because of that skill shortage. There's so many open jobs. If they go through this program, find a passion for the space, they can really excel in manufacturing and distribution and create opportunity and enrichment for themselves.

Marcellus Kendrick, Alere [00:01:24] GATE has brought a more skilled, trained workforce for us to do the necessary training upfront. So when they come to the facilities, they're already ready to go. We can put them on the floor. The training curve is cut down to a short period of time and it just helps us be more productive and efficient when we're getting our manufacturing going.

Seth Stein, Eastridge CEO [00:01:45] The greatest joy has been to see the benefit for our clients. You've got supervisors and managers that are able to teach, train and mentor rather than going over some of the basics because gate program graduates already have the basics. The results, which encouraged us to invest even more in our expansion, have been simply unmatched. Some clients have seen double of production output in 12 and a half percent less time, and candidates are more likely to succeed compared to those candidates that simply have not gone through the program. So much so that many of the companies that are exposed to gate program graduates will only hire GATE program graduates because of the reduced training time and increased efficiency. That happens probably within a two week period.