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In today’s flexible job market, solid talent is hard to keep on board for the long haul. If you want to reduce employee turnover and retain your strongest employees who contribute the most to your organization, managers in your company absolutely need to excel at team management.

There is no single school of thought that dictates what it means to be an effective manager. There are, however, common themes and best practices that will benefit any team across every industry:

A strong vision

Employees are more motivated to excel if they have a clear idea of what the company's goals are and how their contributions relate to achieving those goals. It’s a manager’s duty to reinforce their staff members’ purpose and demonstrate how they’re making a difference.

Conscious communication

When assignments are confusing and set with unclear expectations, frustration and in-fighting are inevitable. A strong manager needs to communicate clearly, and at the onset of an assignment, what the end goal and purpose of the project is.

Strategic organization

Organizational skills extend beyond a tidy desk. Managers should establish concrete project timelines and communicate deadlines proactively. Effective project management skills are key to helping staff members their work and maximize productivity.

Inspire confidence  

Healthy team morale is essential to sustainable job satisfaction. Strong morale, similar to other business best practices, start at the very top of the leadership hierarchy. It’s okay if being a leader doesn’t come naturally. Try reading professional self-help books and seeking out mentorship from those who came before you. You’ll find comfort in knowing that every great leader starts at the beginning.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions can help your company hire managers who will lead and inspire your staff. Contact us to find out how our staffing professionals can help your organization assemble a talented, impactful team.


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