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Talent strategy is more than finding the right people. Done right, a successful talent strategy can maximize productivity while lowering costs. A real talent strategy can bring clarity to an organization's overall spending and compliance. And a talent strategy can ultimately help a company reach its full potential.

At Eastridge, we’ve found that our most successful client partnerships center around this strategic approach. The results can have a huge impact across an organization's operations including:

Greater Transparency

With 40% of the workforce in the United States being contingent, many organizations are working with multiple staffing firms across departments and geographies.  Kasey Hadjis, President of Eastridge Workforce Management, outlines how Eastridge MSP helps clients ensure their extended workforce is compliant and consolidates contracts to ensure transparency, efficiency, and accountability.


Maximizing Talent Pools

Many manufacturers are paying more for labor than ever before while also seeing lower productivity. These factors converge at exactly the time when they need to operate efficiently. Laura LaManna, VP of Delivery and Operations, writes about how reducing turnover and focusing on quality are key.


Managing Compliance

For many companies, workforce flexibility and contract workers are essential. This can be challenging to manage from both a compliance and administrative perspective. Increasingly, companies are turning to outside partners that can serve as an Employer of Record (EOR). These partnerships ensure compliance, reduce administrative burdens, and, overall, can streamline the management of an extended workforce. Ariana Lujan, VP of Payrolling and EOR Services, outlines how one media company reduced administrative burden and ensured compliance with Eastridge EOR.


Avoiding Pitfalls

Many of the big changes seen in the first part of this decade are not temporary; they are here to stay. And these new challenges need to be met with a more strategic approach to staffing. By pivoting to a smarter model of staffing in 2024 and beyond, workforce leaders can adapt, become more efficient, and beat the competition. Rodrigo Alcaine, President of Recruitment, outlines some of the pitfalls that many companies fell into last year and how to avoid them.



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