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An Interview with Shayley Steinke, Branch Manager for Eastridge Las Vegas Professional

As Eastridge continues to expand its nationwide presence, leveraging local expertise is crucial for navigating regional challenges and opportunities. This strategy supports Eastridge's goal of integrating specialized knowledge across diverse industries. In a recent Q&A session, Shayley Steinke, the Branch Manager for Eastridge Las Vegas Professional, shared insights on recruiting challenges for professional positions in Las Vegas and Reno/Sparks, Nevada, and strategies to overcome them.

Tell us about the team you’ve created to service this market.

Hi, I’m Shayley, the branch manager for Eastridge's professional Las Vegas division. I’m excited about our growth here. My team boasts 15-20 years of combined experience in talent acquisition, specializing in direct hire and temporary placements. We focus on quality engagement with candidates and clients, ensuring we effectively meet their needs.

What types of clients do you usually serve?

Our Las Vegas staffing office specializes in serving manufacturing clients across various sectors, including light industrial, heavy industrial, consumer goods, and electronics. We also place a strong emphasis on property management and real estate investment, handling roles from maintenance technicians to high-level administrative and accounting positions. We conduct in-depth discovery calls to gather comprehensive information about the client’s job, company culture, compensation, and benefits.

How is the talent pool in the Las Vegas area?

The talent pool in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, and Sparks is evolving daily, and we’re committed to staying on top of trends through thorough market research in each niche industry we support. We're focused on accurate outreach and swift processing to get candidates in front of clients quickly. Our pool of qualified candidates is growing as more people relocate to the Las Vegas area, attracted by benefits like no state income tax. Despite the competitive landscape, we see increasing numbers in manufacturing, accounting, and professional services.

What are some of the challenges companies face in the area, and how did you help to overcome them?

Our clients face fierce competition in the marketplace, with candidates often interviewing with multiple competitors. To secure top talent, we emphasize swift, efficient processes, maintaining constant communication, and acting as resource partners to avoid delays. Post-COVID, many candidates have moved to contract work, which can make their resumes appear inconsistent. We thoroughly vet their backgrounds to explain any gaps to our clients, ensuring a holistic view. Our detailed sourcing and strong client relationships built on communication and feedback help us move quickly and place the best candidates effectively.

What is your approach to candidate and client engagement during the recruitment process?

We enhance candidate and client experiences through multiple engagement points, including in-depth phone, video, and in-person meetings. We prepare candidates thoroughly before each interview, reviewing job descriptions and key details to ensure they can effectively address client needs. Our support continues beyond interviews, staying connected through offer placement and even after they start with our clients.

Can you share one of Eastridge’s success stories in which they successfully assisted a client with their staffing needs?

We had a major success with a manufacturing client relocating to Las Vegas. With a tight schedule, we built a strong relationship early on, having frequent discussions to understand their needs. This helped us identify ideal candidates and make several key placements, enabling the client to go live on time. Our collaboration was so effective that they’re now expanding further, thanks to our ability to align with their hiring goals and engage top-notch candidates.

By focusing on the unique aspects of Las Vegas staffing, Eastridge continues to excel in connecting clients with top-tier talent. Shayley Steinke’s leadership and the team’s dedication to understanding and meeting local market needs ensure ongoing success in professional recruiting in the Las Vegas area.

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