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Eastridge is excited for its Next Generation of Human Resources Mentor event on December 6th, 2023.  These events help HR professionals boost their careers by providing expert advice from industry experts in a fun and casual atmosphere.

Human Resources is an important specialty of our Professional Staffing team and we’ve helped launch the careers of many HR professionals. These kinds of events help us cultivate those relationships further and allow us to be a continued resource as they continue in their careers. 

We have a great panel of experts that will rotate through the group to answer questions, provide perspectives and advice, and help connect individuals to resources that can help them tackle some of the larger challenges our industry faces.  This event is aimed at helping connect young HR talent with leaders in their field and with each other.

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At Eastridge, we pride ourselves in not just finding jobs, but launching careers.  This event is another way that we are helping to take those careers to the next level.  If you’re an HR professional in the San Diego area, please come join us at Alesmith Brewing Company in San Diego, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Our panel experts include:

Next Gen HR Dec


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