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Before preparing to hire for the “busy season,” your recruitment strategy should be polished off with a candidate pipeline of qualified talent ready to go. If you already have a database of engaged, former temporary employees, consider yourself one step ahead of the competition! 

If your temporary workers have had a positive experience, the chances of them returning next busy season, or taking traditional jobs with you in the future, are much higher. With this second installment of “How to Encourage Temporary Employees to Return,” learn how to keep top temps coming back next season, and maybe even convert to full-time:

Reward your top performers

Your best workers are those who are focused, get the job done, get it done on time, and ask for more work. To build trust with your top performers, give them more responsibility or even supervisorial tasks if possible. This way, you’re training them not just for the job at hand, but you’re also equipping them with the skills they may need should you have a more permanent job open after their assignment ends. 

Prove your appreciation

Most temporary workers don’t enjoy the same benefits that permanent workers have, such as healthcare, paid time off or retirement plans. But there are other ways you can make your appreciation known, such as holding an event – a lunch, an outing – that focuses especially on your temp workers. If the budget allows, offer spot bonuses to your star temp workers. No matter how small, bonuses send a clear message that a worker is valued.

Encourage them to return

Don’t assume that your temporary worker knows they are welcome back during your next round of seasonal hiring. Tell your strong performers how much you valued their work and how much you’d like to consider them for future employment.

Ensure follow up

Before your temp workers leave, collect their current contact information, give them yours, and encourage them to stay in touch. Stay in touch yourself, if only to drop a friendly note during the year to check-in, but especially if you see a job opportunity that’s a solid fit for them. 

Interested in learning more temporary worker retention strategies for your organization? Contact Eastridge today to get started. 

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