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“Call centers seem simple, but they’re not”

- Chris Diaz, Branch Manager at Eastridge

Call center staff are a critical point of contact between customers or potential customers and a company, so having the right people on the front lines is important. Being articulate and friendly are certainly baseline requirements, but beyond that, what does it take to staff a world-class call center?

Eastridge branch manager, Chris Diaz, who specializes in building great customer service teams, sits down for a Q&A.


What skills make a great call center rep?

Knowing how to tease out an applicant’s skillset for either inbound or outbound call roles, as well as hard and soft skills in the hiring process will go a long way towards your short- and long-term success with a hire. Chris elaborates in the video.


How do you develop your call center strategy?

Doing a quarterly business review with your partner where you find out why roles are open, what the priorities are and which are changing, as well as where this talent will take you in the future will produce insights to incorporate into your strategy. Chris goes into detail in the video.


How do you attract high quality call center talent?

Having a clear plan for the call center and a strategy for differentiating your company from your competitors to the talent pool is essential to hiring your top candidates. Tips for attracting talent in the video.


What are your tips for reducing turnover?

Attracting talent is critical, but we’re not done. You need to keep people there. You need to have a plan for how you’ll keep people engaged long-term. Tips to minimize turnover in the video.


Being thoughtful and proactive about call center talent acquisition will help you attract the right people with the right skills, who want to continue working with you over the long-term. At Eastridge, our strategic approach to fulfilling staffing needs for call centers and across all the industries we serve enables us to find good talent quickly, and set our clients up for success over both the short- and long-term.


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