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In the latest Culture Podcast, Seth Stein speaks with Win Cramer, CEO of JLab.  JLab provides an array of audio equipment for the home and office and has expanded into other office and home electronic peripherals like keyboards, microphones, and webcams.  Since taking on the role of CEO, Cramer has led JLab to become the #2 headphone brand in the US market and has initiated a global sales plan to accelerate growth further. He was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019, a top 40 under 40 in CE by Dealerscope.

In his conversations with Seth, Win talks about how culture fits into the overall brand of JLab, which goes beyond one-size-fits-all in both its products and culture.  Here’s Win speaking about how new talent can impact culture in positive ways:

“I accept the fact that they're going to tweak the culture…I think if you accept that fact, then you'll be in a better place, and the people that you work with, your peers, will also be in a better place.”

Seth and Win also discuss the importance of a focused culture built on trust that gives people the time and space to concentrate their talent:

“People make the mistake of trying to probe and get answers. But the reality is you need time to do stuff. And if you're always probing and questioning immediately, you're not going to get the best answer. I think…we need time to do stuff and give people the freedom and empowerment to do stuff. And then let them communicate when the time is right.”

In the interview, Win also speaks about on finding the right talent to build success rather than depending on his own expertise:

“The only person that should be average at everything…is me. I try to teach people to single task and be good at what we've brought you in to do. And don't worry about the other stuff. I'll figure that out.” 

You can download a transcript of the entire podcast here and watch the video below:


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