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It’s being reported that by 2020, nearly 40% of the US workforce will be comprised of contingent workers. 

This surge in growth has coincided with companies of every industry, realizing the various benefits of hiring a flexible, contract-based workforce. From on-demand hiring to rapid scalability, this new world of work allows employers to hire only the best talent for the exact timeframe they’re needed. 

Hiring contingent workers can allow your company to make fine-tune pivots in strategy, responding to market changes in real-time by hiring those workers who can fill the skills gaps we’re seeing more frequently than ever before. 

So how can your organization attract, manage, and retain the talented contingent workers you’re seeking? Here are a few ideas:

Make your company goals tangible 

Even though your contingent workers may not be needed at your office every day, it’s still just as vital that they feel a strong sense of alignment with your company’s mission and culture. This connection will drive inspiration and foster innovation, and in turn, encourage your contingent workers to stay on board. 

Maintain a modern company culture 

The gig economy allows for contingent workers to have their pick of companies to work for, so how can your organization ensure it’s attracting top talent? It helps first to create an understanding of what your desired talent prioritizes in a company, such as flex hours or remote work options. If your contract workers enjoy working for your company, they will be more likely to sign on to more projects for the long-term. 

Provide future value and opportunities 

The contingent worker is defined by taking short-term projects for the chance to increase flexibility and freedom, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in future, long-term opportunities with your company.

Whether that be creating a plan for temporary-to-permanent hiring or simply offering them attractive new projects that can develop their skills even further, offering contingent workers extended value will help your company retain the top talent within your industry.

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