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Amber Gardina-Quintanilla

Job title: Senior Employment Counsel

Work location: Mission Valley

What does your work from home set up look like?

It depends on the day!  Sometimes I’m at the kitchen table; sometimes I’m on the couch.  I also have a rolling stand/sit podium that I move throughout the house.  But in the last week, I came to terms with the fact that we’re probably going to be doing this a bit longer so I finally ordered a real desk and monitor and will be converting my spare bedroom into a proper office soon.

What do you like most about social distancing? 

I’m spending a lot more time with my dogs, Poppy and Nacho.  It feels like I’ve spent a couple years’ worth of extra time with them in the last few months.

Is there a habit/routine you’ve developed during social distancing that you want to continue? 

About a week into the stay at home order, I started a run streak.  I vowed to run at least a mile every day until things got back to normal.  I honestly only expected it to last a month or two but I just hit 100 days this week so who knows how long it will go!

What about your job most excites you?

I’m really excited about the diversity and inclusion initiatives the company is taking.  I think that because we are in the business of putting people to work, we have a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the communities where we do business.  I’m really excited about the future at Eastridge.

What are some ways you are helping your partners at Eastridge during this time?

I do my best to make sure I’m available for anyone at any time.  We all want to make up for the time we lost this year, so if I can provide any support to our teammates who are working so hard to build the business, I am happy to do it.  I also schedule random Hangout happy hours and check-ins to stay connected.

Favorite Eastridge memory?

The pre-shutdown Corona party - it was so much fun and I’m so glad we were able to celebrate together one last time.

What’s your favorite app for staying productive and relaxing?

I love the Todoist app.  It’s a pretty simple tool, but it has a lot of features to help me stay organized.

Are you binge-watching any shows?

I’m binge-watching all the shows!  TV is my main source of entertainment these days so I’ll give almost anything a shot.  Recently, I really enjoyed Killing Eve, Insecure, and The Politician.  I’ve also been catching up on old seasons of one of my favorite shows, Below Deck.

What's your favorite mantra?

“One thing at a time.”  Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I repeat this to myself, pick one thing to work on, and block out some time to focus on that task and nothing else.

What’s something we don’t know about you?

I used to perform and compete as a salsa dancer.  


How is it working out of the Mission Valley office?

It was great back when we worked there!  I really liked being able to connect with so many people in person.

What does being an employee-owner mean to you?

It means thinking like a business owner, which definitely adds an extra level of consideration in making decisions.  Whenever I’m making a recommendation about a course of action, I’m thinking about how it will impact the company, myself as an employee-owner, and my employee-owner partners.

What’s something you're excited about at Eastridge this year?  

Hopefully, it happens this year - I’m really excited for the Mission Valley office to get back together.  It’s great that we’ve been able to stay connected through Zoom, but nothing beats that in-person connection.

What is the first thing you will do when social distancing orders are lifted?

All I want to do is to get out of town and sit by a pool where someone will bring me margaritas, but even when social distancing orders are lifted I will probably still wait a while - unless we get a vaccine first.

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