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Eastridge Workforce Solutions is pleased to announce that it has named James Krouse as its new Chief Marketing Officer.  Krouse brings over 25 years of experience in business-to-business public relations, advertising, marketing, and sales.  In the past he has planned and implemented national and international marketing and advertising campaigns for major companies such as Bosch, Georgia-Pacific, Crown Holdings, among others.

“James' leadership and experience will be instrumental in accelerating Eastridge’s growth in 2023 and beyond,” said Seth Stein, CEO of Eastridge.  “He will serve an integral role in communicating the strategies and solutions that have brought success to our clients and employee-owners throughout our 50-year history.  He will also lead the effort to amplify and articulate the unique value proposition that Eastridge brings to a growing number of clients globally to reach our next stage of growth.”

Prior to joining Eastridge, Krouse served as Vice President of Marketing at KBS, a leading facility services provider as well as Senior Vice President for Hospitality Staffing Solutions.  In the past he has worked for Nesco Resource and ABI, a New York based business-to-business marketing  firm.  

“At every level of the organization, the Eastridge team is driven to build success with its clients with a remarkable enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit,” said Krouse.  “I am honored to be part of this team and look forward to working with Eastridge to build on the terrific momentum that exists within the organization.”

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