[Case Study] Why These Four Industry Leaders Reimagined Their Contingent Workforce Solutions

[Case Study] Why These Four Industry Leaders Reimagined Their Contingent Workforce Solutions

Eastridge Blog posted by Cynthia Contreras on November 30, 2020

Contingent Workforce Management Solutions are types of providers and technology

that enable organizations to manage headcount, onboarding, sourcing, compliance, third-party agencies, timekeeping, and more. Eastridge's VMS technology, Eastridge Cloud™, and MSP solution is designed to fill in the gaps left by legacy providers and meet the needs of new programs. Many providers did not anticipate the need for innovative technology when supporting modern company’s contingent workforce programs.

In our case study, you will learn how four industry-leading businesses leveraged the Eastridge Cloud technology to reduce fees, uncover areas of risk, and streamline their entire contingent workforce program.

Case Study Excerpt:

  • Prior to going public, this company had little to no visibility into their contingent workforce, compliance, budget tracking, and no standardization over how they engage and utilize third-party agencies. They lacked consistency with the terms and conditions of their contracts and had no forecasting or planning for the length of assignments and total spend of their contingent needs.

Within the first 3 months of partnering with Eastridge, the program was fully launched with compliance and visibility across their contingent workforce. Read our case study to learn how we were able to provide this client with a winning solution! Eastridge Case Study

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