Acting as the employer of record, our Workforce Management Division allows you to utilize contingent workers with mitigated risk and reduced cost. From onboarding to benefits, we provide a customer service orientated payrolling solution for your contingent workers. Our services enable you to focus on your business’ core competency with responsive and proactive service that minimizes distractions and increases productivity.

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Why Use Payrolling?

Whether you are in need of project based workers, trial-hires, interns or non-compliant 1099 contractors, our Workforce Management Division can assist you. Payrolling is cost effective, hassle free and allows you to expand into new states or countries with ease. Our Payrolling services relieve your company’s HR burden, department headcount restrictions and the time-consuming internal onboarding administration process.


What Makes Eastridge Good at Payrolling?

Our team is solely focused on their suite of Workforce Management services, and they do not engage in other activities such as recruiting. Clients and payrolled workers alike receive an attentive representative, knowledgeable responses and answers to questions the first time they are asked. Subject matter expertise and top-notch customer service are what clients come to expect from our team.