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Eastridge Onsite Optimizes Temp Staffing

For many companies, providing the right level of management to temp workers can be a challenge. Eastridge onsite managers are passionate about providing peer-to-peer mentorship, facilitating communication between leadership and workers, and ensuring that KPIs are met. Onsite programs help reduce turnover, enhance productivity, and improve safety.

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Key Results

Clients who have deployed Onsite Managers have realized the following results:

Increased team efficiency and productivity

Significantly reduced turnover rates

Increased conversion from temp to full-time workers

Established consistent between workers and management

Raised employee satisfaction

Reduction in work-related injuries

Onsite Managers

Our Onsite Managers are fully dedicated to team management and typically manage larger teams than Working Leads. To dedicate themselves fully to managing, Onsite Managers do not participate in production. The Onsite Manager role is tailored to each client’s needs, and in addition to performing the same tasks as Working Leads, their responsibilities typically include:

  • Onsite recruiting and interviewing 
  • Provide advanced reporting on time-to-fill, fill ratios, and turnover
  • Coach team members for performance
  • Address HR-related issues
Onsite Managers

Workforce Solutions for Building Industrial Teams

Eastridge provides onsite clients with a wide range of services. This provides the flexibility they need to access talent to suit their specific needs.

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Learn how our onsite program can help your organization reduce turnover, enhance productivity, and improve safety.