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  1. What year did you join Eastridge and what is your current position?  

I joined Eastridge in July 2019. I’m currently working as a Staffing Associate in our Sourcing Center in Tijuana, MX

  1. How has your career positively impacted other areas of your life?

It’s helped me be a better listener, more empathetic, and a bit more organized. I enjoy speaking with new people every day, getting to hear their stories, and trying to put myself in their shoes, which has strengthened my personal bonds.

  1. What is a unique challenge you have experienced this year and how have you overcome it?

I think COVID and staying home has been the biggest challenge for most of us. Having to be in the same place 24/7 did a number on my mental wellbeing. But thinking positively, looking at the bright side, and dedicating more time to myself has made me realize what is most important: overall health and family relationships.

  1. Why do we need more women in positions of leadership?

I believe women bring a whole new perspective to every idea. We see things differently and because we are nurturers by nature, we care and sympathize for our own. When a woman leader sees her team as her own, they become the most important thing, and they will always want what’s best for everyone.

  1. What was the biggest female empowerment moment for you this past year?

I live and work in Mexico, but my job is impacted by what happens in the U.S., and there are  2 moments that come to mind. One from the U.S. was when the 1st female vice president was elected. This is a huge step in hoping that a future female president can be elected soon. And second, in Mexico, was when women were standing up for their rights. There were a lot of marches and protests where women were at the epicenter. The best part of it all was my daughter asking me about everything that was going on and having the opportunity to share with her and help her be more conscious about equality and female empowerment.

  1. Name a woman you admire and why?

My oldest sister, Brenda, is someone I’ve admired for the longest time. She has been my mentor since we were kids. She’s an example of resilience, commitment, and responsibility. She’s been taking care of our family since she was a teen by stepping up, and as a working single mom of 2 kids, she’s shown me that nothing is impossible.

  1. What advice would you give women navigating today’s workforce?

It may seem hard at times, and it may seem unfair at others, but if you keep your mind focused on what you want to accomplish, it will never be impossible. Take care of yourself first, in order to be able to take care of others.

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