[White Paper] The New Contingent Workforce Ecosystem

[White Paper] The New Contingent Workforce Ecosystem

Eastridge Blog posted by Cynthia Contreras on December 16, 2020

To drive cost-saving initiatives, increase performance and time management, and overall program visibility, many companies integrate their existing SaaS solutions with their contingent workforce program. In our white paper, The New Contingent Workforce Ecosystem, learn how companies who utilize SaaS solutions like Okta, Taulia, Slack, Coupa, Workday, and Eastridge CloudTM are increasing the adoption of their programs through technology integrations.

The future will be led by companies that have a user-first, integration-friendly philosophy.

- White paper excerpt

Today’s SaaS products have disrupted how enterprises construct their technology ecosystem. Download the white paper to learn how companies are incorporating integrations to leverage their existing systems and their contingent workforce program.

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