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There is a distinct need for individuals with a strong technical background and analytical skills in accounting and finance. Unlike other roles, the focus is on the technical aspects of the job rather than personality or cultural fit. 

This interview with Christina Grocott, Senior Director of Professional Recruitment at Eastridge,  delves into the unique requirements of accounting and finance positions, the industry's cyclical nature, and the importance of building a pipeline of qualified candidates.


The Technicalities of Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance roles are highly technical, requiring individuals to understand financial systems and processes deeply. Grocott highlights the importance of experience with journal entries, month-end close reconciliations, and payroll. Additionally, knowledge of specific systems, such as NetSuite and Workday, is crucial for success in these roles.

The interview process for accounting and finance positions differs from other roles, focusing more on technical expertise than personality fit. While personality is still important, the emphasis is on finding candidates with the right technical skills and experience. This is because accounting and finance professionals need to be able to analyze complex financial data and make informed decisions based on that analysis.


The Cyclical Nature of Accounting and Finance

One of the unique aspects of accounting and finance is its cyclical nature. Certain times of the year, such as tax season, year-end close, month-end close projects, and budget season, create a greater demand for accounting and finance professionals. Companies must ensure they have enough qualified candidates to meet these increased needs.

Companies need a pipeline of qualified candidates to address the industry's cyclical nature. By consistently networking and building relationships with potential candidates, recruiters can tap into this pipeline when needed. Grocott mentions that Eastridge’s recruiters attend networking events and meet people face-to-face to establish connections. This proactive approach prepares companies for the increased demand during peak seasons.


The Importance of Building a Pipeline

Building a pipeline of qualified candidates is crucial for companies in the accounting and finance industry. Companies can quickly fill positions when the need arises by already establishing a pool of potential candidates. This saves time and ensures that the company has access to the best talent available.

Networking and attending events are key strategies for building this pipeline. By meeting potential candidates in person, Eastridge’s recruiters can connect personally and learn about their skills and experience. This allows for a more targeted approach when reaching out to candidates for specific opportunities.



Accounting and finance roles require a strong technical background and analytical skills. The industry is cyclical, with certain times of the year creating a greater demand for candidates. Building a pipeline of qualified candidates is crucial for meeting these demands.

Companies in the accounting and finance industry need to be prepared for the industry's cyclical nature. By building a pipeline of qualified candidates through networking and attending events, companies can quickly fill positions with the best candidates when the demand increases.

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