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With January behind us and 2019 in full swing, it might be time for your organization to rethink its talent acquisition strategies. Finding the best-fit candidates can be an overwhelming and costly challenge, but there’s good news - with the gig economy on the rise, the top talent you’re seeking is more attainable than you think.

Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) provides your organization with a custom-fit program to manage the unique acquisition and management needs of your company. Here are a few major benefits to consider when choosing an MSP partner:

Data-driven decisions

By taking the responsibility of managing your contingent workforce, the ideal MSP partner should provide real-time data and visibility into the operations and performance of your contingent workers. With configurable, easy-to-use technology they can detail KPIs specific to your organization that will allow you to make smarter hiring decisions and improve recruitment strategy.

Talent on demand

Whether it be unexpected growth or securing a new client, a quality MSP is able to provide the qualified talent you need - and fast. Partner with an MSP who has a qualified vendor supplier network to guarantee you’ll only receive best-fit candidates within your organization’s timeframe. An MSP will also alleviate the stress of onboarding your contingent workers, streamlining the process with intuitive technology and timekeeping.

Scalable growth

The way we work is constantly evolving, and a contingent workforce is key for your organization to maintain flexibility and prepare for growth. No matter where your clients take you, partnering with a quality MSP will empower your business to make quick, data-driven decisions. An MSP will also alleviate pressure for your HR and procurement teams, allowing them to focus on other crucial business decisions.

At Eastridge, our MSP programs provide an end-to-end, configurable solution for all of your unique contingent workforce challenges. To learn more about our MSP solutions and in-house technology, Eastridge Cloud™, contact us today.


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