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Quick Tips to Nail Your Virtual Interview

With businesses shutting their doors due to COVID-19 mandates, millions of Americans have been left looking for new employment opportunities. Because of social distancing, virtual interviews will be the new norm. So how should you prepare?

Here are some tips for your next virtual interview:

Test the technology

Whether the interview is being conducted through Slack, Google Hangouts, or Zoom, make sure you've taken the time to learn the platform. Figure out how to log in, how to unmute yourself, and where to place your laptop or webcam for the best camera angle. You don’t want to figure it out during the interview and waste your interviewer’s time.

Find a good interview space

What area in your home would make a good place to hold an interview? Find a space that is comfortable, free of distractions, loud noises, and is well lit. Be sure that the interviewer can hear you clearly and vice versa. It’s ok to ask them to repeat themselves, but multiple times can throw off the flow of the interview and shake your confidence.

Background check

You’ve designated the space for the interview, now make sure that it’s presentable. Take note of what area can be seen and clear away all debris.  Remove any trash, last week's laundry, and that Baywatch poster off your wall. You want to make sure the interviewer isn’t distracted by any of your personal effects and make a judgment based on your surroundings. All attention should be on you.

Dress for success

Over the past two weeks, most of the world has been in sweat pants and concert t-shirts for their social distancing attire. We’ve all got a bit comfortable under these circumstances. However, for a great first impression, ditch your casual tee for a button-down shirt or a nice blouse. You may think shorts are ok for bottoms, but what if you need to get up unexpectedly? You don’t want your interviewer to see your swim trunks.


Interviewing virtually is becoming the norm, but that doesn't mean it isn’t still awkward for some. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath and smile. Not only does it show that you're confident and engaged, but it also puts you and your interviewer at ease. Smiling is contagious and a great way to connect with anyone. Stare into the camera (not your screen) and flash a smile from time to time.

Practice, practice, practice

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. After you’ve tested the tech, cleared your background, and picked your outfit, do a mock interview virtually with a pal. Use this opportunity to check for sound issues, practice making eye contact, and get comfortable being in front of the camera.

In-person interview etiquette is still essential. Don’t be late, research the company and the position, and follow up. Looking for your next opportunity? Search our open jobs to find your next position. Don't forget to smile!

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