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Hunting for a job is essentially a full-time job in itself. Between researching available opportunities, scheduling interviews, and vetting companies, the process can be demanding and overwhelming. 

In order to maximize your return on effort, you’ll need to leverage every resource available - including staffing firms. While there are a couple of common misconceptions about staffing firms, don’t let them hold you back from connecting with your next career opportunity:

  1. You have to pay a fee. 

  1. Staffing agencies only place people in temporary positions. 

For the most part, these statements rarely apply to the majority of staffing firms. Whether your dream employer isn’t hiring or you can’t get a response to your resume, there are many factors that lay outside your control in job hunting, so why not partner with an expert? Here are a few benefits:

Streamline the Job Search Process

Partnering with a recruitment firm is an easy way to alleviate some of the first-hand stress of job searching. A good recruiter should be an expert at relationship building, understanding your specific needs and your goals, allowing you to make informed decisions about your next move. Did we mention there’s no fee for job seekers? It’s a win-win!

Increased Access to Employers and Jobs

Staffing agencies serve clients who are hiring people just like you. They serve as a liaison between job seekers and employers, so from there, your recruiter will identify interested companies and those who align with your skill set and personality. You’ll also gain access to job openings that aren’t available on other job sites. 

Professional Resume Editing

Because recruiters are working on behalf of their clients, your potential employer, they have insight into exactly what they’re looking for and how you can fit the bill. A good recruiter will offer to polish your resume and review with a critical eye in order to increase your chances of receiving a job offer.

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