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Name: Jacob Roth

Title: Sr. Business Development Representative

Location: San Diego, CA

  1. What’s something we don’t know about you?

While I was in media advertisement sales, I lived in D.C. for two separate years working political cycles. It was a great experience as it was extremely fast paced and a huge eye opener into how much money is spent on political ads.

  1. How long have you been with Eastridge and what do you do here?

I’ve been with Eastridge for 1 year and 2 months.

  1. What about your job most excites you?

I think the process and challenge of winning over a new client. Also, our ability to work with companies that are doing some amazing things.

  1. What do you want to achieve at Eastridge?

Being the top salesperson, and to continue to grow professionally through mentors.

  1. What work did you do before starting at Eastridge?

Prior to moving to San Diego from New York, I was in media advertising sales. My first job in San Diego was with Randstad Technologies as a Sales/Account Manager.

  1. Describe your working culture in three words?

I would say I am a team player, persistent (have to be in sales!), and hardworking.

  1. What are some ways you are helping your clients during this time?

Educating them on the current market and obstacles they face with recruitment. The market right now for talent is wild compared to where we were a year ago. I think many clients aren’t aware of the obstacles they face, so that is where I can come in and act as a consultant for them.

  1. Favorite Eastridge memory?

The majority of my Eastridge employment has been during the pandemic as I started February of last year, so the first month of getting to meet everyone and learn more about Eastridge.

  1. What does being an employee owner mean to you?

Being an employee owner means that I have the ability to share my thoughts and suggestions to upper management. I truly believe we have some of the best leaders at Eastridge. They are very open to everyone's opinions.

  1. Is there a habit/routine you’ve developed during social distancing that you want to continue?

Being from the northeast and away from family/friends, it’s been nice to keep in constant touch with them through video chats. I’ve done Zoom Happy Hours with my friends and Yahtzee nights with my family (losers have to pay the winner $5/each). Living across the country from them, I will be keeping this habit even when social distancing is lifted.

  1. What's your favorite mantra?

Discipline equals freedom, I think this mantra can be used in sales and life. In sales, you need to be calling, sending emails, following up. Very similar to anything else you want to accomplish in life as well.

  1. What’s your favorite app for staying productive and relaxed?

Staying productive, I would have to say Google Calendar. I use the app to time block my day out and it keeps me structured. There is no app that can help me relax, I am open if anyone has any suggestions! To keep focused I do take my dog for walks which have been good mental breaks.

  1. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would say the ability to learn a second language. I took Spanish in high school and sign language in college. I am nowhere able to hold a conversation in either language!

  1. What is one thing you can’t live without?

My girlfriend probably would like me to say her, but I’ll go with chocolate. I have a huge sweet tooth!

  1. Who would play you in a movie about your life?

This is a tough question-- I would say Ryan Gosling for no particular reason!

  1. What is the first thing you will do when social distancing orders are lifted? 

I would attend a concert or sporting event. Prior to the pandemic, my girlfriend and I had tickets to see Chris Stapelton in LA but it’s been pushed back to 2022!

  1. What’s something you're excited about at Eastridge this year?

The growth we are seeing across the board and expansion into new locations. Coming out of the pandemic, not knowing what was in store for us to where we are now is pretty amazing.

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