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In the fast-paced world of life sciences, companies often face unexpected challenges that require immediate solutions. Whether it’s a key employee going on medical leave or a sudden surge in workload, finding qualified professionals with specific skills to fill these gaps can be more difficult than in other fields.

Eastridge worked with one pre-IPO oncology pharmaceutical client to fill a critical role during a crucial stage in the company's development.  

Key Takeaways

  • Eastridge’s ability to provide timely solutions to their clients’ staffing needs is unparalleled.
  • The company’s extensive network of qualified professionals allows them to identify and present suitable candidates quickly.
  • Eastridge’s commitment to thorough vetting and reference checks ensures its clients receive top-quality talent.

Finding the Perfect Fit: A Success Story

One of Eastridge’s pre-IPO oncology clients recently faced a major setback when a key employee had to take a three-month medical leave of absence. This employee, a research and development team bench scientist, was crucial to the company’s operations, and their absence left a significant void. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Eastridge moved quickly to fill the role.

“Within 24 hours of being notified of the client’s need, Eastridge presented three highly qualified candidates for consideration,” says Drew Rennie, Associate Director at Eastridge.  “All three candidates were interviewed because they ticked all the boxes required for the position.” 

The client was impressed with all three candidates and ultimately selected their top choice. Eastridge then conducted thorough reference checks to ensure the candidate’s full suitability for the role. 

With the client’s approval, the candidate was offered the job, accepted it, and seamlessly onboarded within a week of Eastridge being notified of the requisition.

Finding the perfect candidate fit can be complex but made easier with the right connections.

Efficiency in Action: The Power of a Strong Network

Eastridge’s extensive network of professionals in the life sciences industry made this swift and successful response possible.

“We constantly maintain a pool of candidates just for this reason,” says Rennie.  “The clients that we partner with have unexpected needs and don’t have the time or resources to maintain such a pool.  Since we have a dedicated life sciences team, we can maintain that pool and have candidates at the ready even with short notice.”

“We have a vast network of professionals in the life sciences industry,” says Grace Irvine, Manager of the Scientific Recruitment Team.  “We are constantly in touch with them to understand their skills, experience, and availability.” 

This proactive approach allows Eastridge to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry and be prepared to respond to client’s needs at a moment’s notice.

Furthermore, Eastridge’s commitment to building long-term relationships with their candidates ensures they deeply understand their skills and capabilities. This knowledge enables Eastridge to match the right candidate to the right position, even under challenging circumstances.

Quality Assurance: Thorough Vetting for Top Talent

In the life sciences industry, the stakes are high, and companies cannot afford to compromise on the quality of their talent. When the client expressed interest in one of the candidates, Eastridge immediately initiated a thorough reference check process. This step is crucial in verifying the candidate’s qualifications, work ethic, and overall fit for the role. This information gave the client the confidence to move forward with the candidate.

Eastridge’s commitment to quality assurance extends beyond reference checks. The company also takes the time to understand its clients’ specific requirements and preferences, ensuring that the candidates it presents are qualified and aligned with the company’s culture and values.

By prioritizing quality over quantity, Eastridge ensures that their clients receive top-tier talent that seamlessly integrates into their teams and contributes to their success.


The swift and successful response to Eastridge’s client staffing challenges showcases the need for strong recruiting partnerships in the life sciences.  Because skills are so specialized in the field, a recruiting partnership can provide a buffer for companies that need to minimize planned and unplanned gaps in talent.  A recruiting partner with a dedicated life sciences team is a good start to ensuring that talent is at the ready.  A robust vetting process is a second component to ensure that candidates will work out in the short and long term.

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