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Improving your resume is a crucial step in finding work, and ideally, to land the job of your dreams. Finding ways to boost your resume and become a more impressive candidate on paper, however, can be complicated.
There’s good news. Right now, you can start learning skills online from the comfort of your own home that will make your resume more attractive. Here are a few key skills you can get cracking on today:
  • Software: If there is specific software you need to use for your job, it’s likely there’s an online tutorial available to show you the ropes. Developing a knowledge of software is a hard skill that will open new doors for you that would otherwise be closed. Take the time to discover what the latest software programs and tools in your industry are and find courses and other sources of information that can help you acquire the necessary skills.
  • Speaking: There are online courses that will help you master public speaking so you can communicate more effectively and clearly. There are also many online courses that will allow you to learn another language. Becoming bilingual can open many doors for you, especially as more and more companies compete internationally in a global economy.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Today, it’s a necessity to maintain your online presence. In order to be found online, however, the company needs to rank highly in search engines. If you can learn search engine optimization, you can often find work helping companies ensure they are taking the right steps for search engines to find them and rank their site highly. You can also use the Internet to promote your own personal brand so employers can find you.
When you're ready to put your new skills to work and land the job of your dreams, reach out to Eastridge Workforce Solutions for help. Our skilled staffing service will work closely with you to ensure you can land the job you've been looking for that lets your talents shine.
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