Classify your contingent workforce with confidence & ease.

Contingent workers, freelancers, contractors, project-based workers, and temps are part of the growing “gig economy” and they’re here to stay. While there are many benefits to employing contingent workers, there are also compliance risks and multiple employment hurdles to manage. Eastridge will provide recommendations to assist with properly classifying your contingent workers, allowing your organization to have a diverse talent pool and maintain flexibility.

Exempt/Non-Exempt Evalutions

Eastridge provides industry-leading best practices for the engagement and classification of exempt and non-exempt workers.

independent contractor classification

Independent Contractor Classification

Eastridge utilizes its proprietary online evaluation software to streamline the information gathering and evaluation process and provides our clients with worker evaluation recommendations. Our recommendations are typically completed within two (2) business days from the time we receive the fully completed evaluation information.

  • Evaluation of 1099 independent contractor and their engagements
  • Classification recommendation following a full 1099 evaluation
  • W-2 employer of record options for those workers that do not qualify for 1099 status
  • Utilization of our evaluation portal via Eastridge Cloud™
1099 managed service process.

1099 Managed Services

When engaging in compliant 1099s, Eastridge’s managed services include:

  • Consolidated invoice delivery to the client for all 1099 contractors
  • Efficient and timely payment processing for all 1099 contractors
  • Online reporting and tracking by cost center, project code, etc.
  • On/off-boarding of 1099 contractors via Eastridge Cloud™
  • Annual 1099 issuance for contractors who completed the Eastridge evaluation process and are qualified, 1099 contractors
supplier analytics on a tabletsupplier analytics on a tabletsupplier analytics on a tablet

Technology & Visibility

Eastridge has developed an online evaluation portal which can manage the entire 1099 evaluation process. The system incorporates a program manager, hiring manager, and 1099 contractors.

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Does your organization have a proven process in place for maintaining 1099 compliance? Contact us today to learn more about partnering with Eastridge.

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