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Our cloud platform was designed to be easy to use, yet capable of solving the most complex enterprise challenges. We deliver quality, consistency, and real-time visibility into our customers' contingent labor programs.

Features of our platform include:

-  MSP and VMS solutions

- Requisition management

- Timekeeping

- Invoices

- Worker reports

- Financial reports

- Supplier performance reports

- Onboarding and offboarding reports


From hiring to procuring and payrolling, manage every aspect of your global contingent workforce and supplier network with Eastridge Cloud. 

With real-time reporting and visibility, you can produce cost savings and data-driven decisions for today and the future.

The numbers speak for themselves
of executives view their external workforce as essential to core operations
of companies plan to increase the use of contingent workers in the next three years
of executives say the rise of contingent workers has affected their workforce strategy

About Eastridge

Established in 1972, Eastridge Workforce Solutions is an employee-owned provider of full-service, global talent acquisition and management solutions.

Ranked as a top professional recruiting firm by Forbes, 2021’s top talent acquisition vendor by OnConferences, and in the top 1% of firms by SIA, Eastridge proudly helps over 20,000 associates annually find jobs worldwide.

Eastridge drives talent acquisition, cost reduction, compliance, and visibility for companies through with our core five services: professional recruiting, volume recruiting, payrolling, MSP/VMS, and RPO.

With strategic, comprehensive staffing solutions, we make it easy to attract and retain top talent to manage a skilled workforce.

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