Eastridge Cloud™ provides technology-integrated solutions to solve your most complex workforce challenges.

From onboarding to timekeeping and requisition management, we simplify and accelerate the hiring process, empowering your organization to grow and focus on what matters most.

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GDPR Compliance

Partnering with Eastridge ensures your global vendor management system is compliant with the latest global privacy regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Pre-integrated Single Sign-On (SSO)

Technology needs to be quick and easy to use and that should include having one authenticated password for all systems. Eastridge integrates with 3rd party SSOs like Okta, OneLogin, Azure, and JumpCloud.

Mobile Optimization

For your business to keep moving, work should be as easy to perform on a mobile device as it is on a laptop, tablet, or desktop. Eastridge Cloud™ supports a rich mobile experience.

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Resume Quick-View

Place candidates faster with our centralized resume portal. Resume review and submitting feedback is all on one screen, eliminating lengthy email chains, to make hiring managers more efficient and provide recruiters crucial information instantaneously.

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Enterprise applications should be easy to use.
That's why we built
Eastridge Cloud™
with you in mind.
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In 3-clicks or less, Eastridge Cloud™ will streamline the way you manage your global contingent workforce. Learn more about how our cloud technology is the only global end-to-end solution for your most complex workforce challenges.

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At Eastridge, we want to empower your organization to grow and focus on what matters most. Contact us today to speak with an expert about our technology-integrated recruitment solutions.

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