Executive Leadership

eastridge employee seth steineastridge employee seth stein
Seth Stein linkedin logo

Seth Stein

Chief Executive Officer

eastridge employee brandon stanfordeastridge employee brandon stanford
Brandon Stanford linkedin logo

Brandon Stanford

Chief Financial Officer

eastridge employee erin medinaeastridge employee erin medina
Erin Medina linkedin logo

Erin Medina

Chief Legal Officer

eastridge employee corrie judgeeastridge employee corrie judge
Corrie Judge linkedin logo

Corrie Judge

Chief Operations Officer

eastridge employee jairo carrioneastridge employee jairo carrion
JC Carrion linkedin logo

JC Carrion

Executive Vice President of Workforce Recruitment, Southwest

eastridge employee dion triebeastridge employee dion trieb
Dion Trieb linkedin logo

Dion Trieb

Vice President of Construction Recruitment

eastridge employee jason bruckmaneastridge employee jason bruckman
Jason Bruckman linkedin logo

Jason Bruckman

Vice President of Sales, Workforce Recruitment

eastridge employee kasey hadjiseastridge employee kasey hadjis
Kasey Hadjis linkedin logo

Kasey Hadjis

Vice President, Workforce Solutions

eastridge employee kristin carpentereastridge employee kristin carpenter
Kristin Carpenter linkedin logo

Kristin Carpenter

Vice President, Workforce Recruitment

eastridge employee kevin wilderKevin Wilder linkedin logo

Kevin Wilder

Vice President, Workforce Recruitment

eastridge employee laura lamannaeastridge employee laura lamanna
Laura LaManna linkedin logo

Laura LaManna

National Director of Commercial Staffing

eastridge employee brian schultzeastridge employee brian schultz
Brian Schultz linkedin logo

Brian Schultz

Vice President, Client Experience

Board of Directors

eastridge board member adam sveteastridge board member adam svet
Adam Svet linkedin logo

Adam Svet

Co-chairman of the Board

eastridge board member jason sveteastridge board member jason svet
Jason Svet linkedin logo

Jason Svet

Co-chairman of the Board

eastridge board member seth steineastridge board member seth stein
Seth Stein linkedin logo

Seth Stein

CEO of Eastridge Workforce Solutions

eastridge board member howard brilleastridge board member howard brill
Howard Brill linkedin logo

Howard Brill

Executive Chairman of Global Employment Solutions, Inc.

eastridge board member dawn goestenkorseastridge board member dawn goestenkors
Dawn Goestenkors linkedin logo

Dawn Goestenkors

ESOP Trustee

Executive Vice President of TI-TRUST

eastridge board member bill mcclellandeastridge board member bill mcclelland
Bill McClelland linkedin logo

Bill McClelland

Senior Human Resources Executive

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