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HR Next Gen events connect HR professionals just starting out with industry veterans.  The gatherings bring together experience with new thoughts and ideas and connect talent with opportunity.  Here's Courtney Ring and Christina Grocott as they speak about the events and also what makes HR a unique field to recruit for.

Video Transcript

Courtney Ring So you've got 15 minutes with one specific professional really sharing their expertise. They each choose a topic that they feel passionate about and speak on, and you're allowed to have a good amount of Q&A and just really get insight from the whole group. 

Christina Grocott I think there's been many instances where individuals have either found a job through one of our events or an event that we invited them to or they made a connection with, you know, maybe a different industry that they've been looking to break into. But because of their background, they haven't even been able to get their foot in the door. 

Courtney Ring I think really what's unique and really drives people to this event is just that, again, that intimate nature. So really getting to speak directly and have that direct correlation with somebody sharing and talking about each are trends and what they're seeing and just getting really good advice as they navigate. And we've seen so many people see the value in bringing their whole entire teams. 

Christina Grocott We've oftentimes found that individuals will find their next employer at our events. So it's really cool that we're also forging those relationships, bridging those gaps and allowing individuals to connect with people that they normally wouldn't. 

Angie Pham My favorite takeaway would definitely be learning more about diversity, equity, and inclusion and emotional intelligence, because I feel like it's more rellavant the HR world today. 

Christina Grocott I think people who love connecting with people and want to help people naturally feel inclined to HR. 

Samantha Peters I'm interested in getting into HR because I feel that employees are the most valuable asset of any company, so being able to support them in any way is super important. So I'm really looking to just be a helpful force and really just be a partner, any employee, any industry, and just really support employees because I think that's a fundamental part of HR that I enjoy. 

Courtney Ring The unique thing about HR is that it actually transcends all industries. So it really is like a connecting piece among whatever industry or organization you're in. You have that really connective piece in terms of just people. 

Jordan Reyes You know, I am in the TA world right now. So I want to move into HR to be more employee facing. I really think that's where my passion lies and supporting the business and the people and how that connects all to an organization's strategy. It's really what I'm interested in. 

Christina Grocott I truly think it's the heart and soul of any company. And to Courtney's point, it kind of is the gateway into an organization. And I think how our team is structured and how they care about their people, you can really feel how that bleeds out into the rest of the organization. 

Cole Acosta So the biggest thing that I love is getting to know people and just talking to people. And recruiting is really good just to get to know people and kind of build relationships. 

Courtney Ring I find the number one thing we hear from almost everyone is I wanted that to last forever. It was too short. So it's just so great. Every single person leaves just talking about how valuable that time was and just wanting more of it.