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Eastridge Cloud™  - Full Capabilities Video Transcript

Manage your contingent workforce easily and efficiently with Eastridge Cloud. Eastridge Cloud is designed to be easy to use, yet capable of solving your most complex enterprise challenges from requisition management and talent acquisition to onboarding, analytics and more. 

Eastridge Cloud is your end to end solution for managing your contingent workforce. Eastridge Cloud's user-friendly design makes requisition management simple with a click of a button. The solution streamlines the requisition process for every type of contingent worker, enabling you to effortlessly create requisitions for staffing suppliers, self sourced payrolls, or 1099 independent contractors. Simply complete the configurable form and once submitted, it will automatically route to the appropriate manager based on business rules. 

Why Search inboxes looking for candidate resumes when you don't have to?  With Eastridge Cloud, you can instantly see all active requisitions. Drill down on a position and review candidates. See candidate details including desired pay rate as well as their resume directly within your browser. 

Another advantage of self-service is the ability to ask a recruiter or question and get answers directly in a convenient Q&A format. Easily compare candidates. And when you find a good fit, schedule an interview. With Eastridge Cloud, you can evaluate supplier performance any time with the ability to see historical trends and KPIs based on industry best practices. 

Eastridge Cloud simplifies onboarding with the ability to track the status of each worker in real time. At a glance, you're able to see which documents require submission, which are awaiting approval and which have been approved. Drill down to view all worker documents securely stored and easily accessible in the cloud. Once a worker is on assignment, instead of using spreadsheets to track your workforce, now you can see your workforce in real time. Built to simplify and streamline worker management, Eastridge Cloud's user-friendly design allows you to quickly search across workers, filter by supervisor or department and access key information, including start and end dates, total hours and more with just a few clicks. 

With legacy systems, it takes too long for managers to edit an approved time, especially if they have dozens of workers on staff. With Eastridge, Cloud managers can effortlessly review, edit and approve time, and for high volume environments, they can approve multiple time sheets instantly directly from the dashboard. A manager can review worker hours and any rest period penalties, all without needing to click in a single view. Monitor and configure your workers job codes, pay rates, cost centers, purchase orders, and more. You can also extend or end an assignment all from a single screen. 

When it comes to financial management, don't let purchase orders deplete without you knowing. Track them in real time. Even if you have multiple POS per worker or multiple workers on the same P.O. Eastridge Cloud allows you to view purchase order depletion, sort, drill down, view transactions and see the workers who are assigned to any P.O.. 

Eastridge Cloud is a highly adaptable solution that's powerful and simple to use. From automating processes to managing contractors to ensuring compliance, Eastridge Cloud is your end to end solution for all of your contingent workforce needs. To learn more, please contact us today.