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The way we attract, manage, and retain talent in the United States is rapidly changing. With factors like the unemployment rate at its lowest in decades to millennials and younger generations entering the workforce at a faster rate, we should expect major changes for 2019.

Industry-leading entrepreneurs offered Inc. their top predictions for how our workforce will continue to evolve and what business leaders can do to prepare for the new year. Here are 3 game-changing trends to watch:

More Talent Scarcity

As unemployment continues to drop, and no matter your company size, scarcity will prove to be a significant hurdle for 2019. "Finding talented employees has never been easy. With the U.S. approaching full employment, the job market is growing ever tighter," shares FE International Founder Thomas Smale.

When talent stops knocking on your door, more time and resources will need to be spent on aggressive recruiting strategies. "Partly in response to this, we have opened additional offices in the U.S. and continue to expand our remote workforce," he explains.

More Employee Involvement

"Despite the growing gig economy, I find our employees are actually looking to become more involved within the organization and want a growth plan," reveals Jessica Gonzalez, founder and CEO of InCharged.

Fostering employee involvement is a great thing for companies as it encourages employee enrichment and retention. Implementing a peer mentorship program or organizing volunteer opportunities for your teams are solid ways to keep your employees engaged and feeling valued.

Expanding Role of AI & Automation

According to eMerchantBroker Co-Founder Blair Thomas, "Instead of training workers with new skills, more businesses will likely use artificial intelligence."

Industries like hospitality, agriculture, and retail are predicted to embrace some level of AI & automation first due to current gap skills in the workforce. As for everyone else? Time will tell how expansive AI’s influence will be in 2019. There is already buzz about automating traditional HR practices, like hiring, onboarding, and training.

No matter what challenges 2019 brings to your organization, Eastridge Workforce Solutions is prepared to help. Contact us today to explore our recruiting services, Managed Service Provider programs, and more.


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