[Infographic] Bottom Line Impact of a Centralized Contingent Workforce

[Infographic] Bottom Line Impact of a Centralized Contingent Workforce

Eastridge Blog posted by Cynthia Contreras on December 7, 2020

A centralized contingent workforce allows businesses to manage their contractors, freelancers, and consultants within one system. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can reduce costs and improve efficiencies with talent sourcing, vendor management, payrolling, compliance, and more!

With businesses becoming more reliant on contingent workers, it’s essential to maximize the benefits of a centralized contingent workforce program. This infographic explains how a centralized contingent workforce platform (VMS) can save time and money without sacrificing growth, by:

  • Meeting the demand of a global contingent workforce
  • Increasing collaboration and efficiency between departments
  • Using real-time data and KPIs to efficiently manage vendors and performance
  • Quickly learning what is needed to establish a centralized contingent workforce.

Every company can increase cost savings, create more time for core business competencies, reduce administrative burden, make informed decisions, and improve human capital management just by centralizing their existing contingent workforce and vendors. Download the guide, and learn how contingent workers are transforming today’s economy.

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