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According to a recent study focused on the current state of employee disengagement, nearly 61% of surveyed employees don’t even know their company’s mission statement. Beyond that, of those employees who are familiar with their company’s mission, 57% are not motivated by it. 

With those findings, it’s not surprising that many of today’s professionals lack an emotional connection to their job and question their role in the bigger picture. Despite this, it’s unrealistic and uncommon for these professionals to leave their job in hopes of finding inspiration with a new company. The good news is that no matter your role or employer, you have the opportunity to rediscover purpose in your work.   

Self-Awareness: Identify what’s important to you

Before focusing on your company, connect with your values by asking yourself the following questions:

1. What qualities do I value most in those who I admire?

2. What is my greatest passion?

3. What kind of situations bring me anger or discomfort? Which of my value(s) are in violation when this kind of anger arises? 

Lean into your company’s real culture 

Chances are your company promotes its unique company culture - their mission, values, and vision - across their website, social media, and while recruiting new employees. But sometimes a company’s authentic culture doesn’t entirely line up with what you see in their glossy printed brochures. 

While you’re unlikely to feel 100% aligned with your company’s mission (unless, perhaps, you’re the CEO), there is an opportunity to find points of intersection based on your answers from the previous exercise. For example, if your company values building relationships, and one of your top personal values is empathy, then there is a viable connection to an aspect of your company’s culture. 

The more intersections you can identify between your mission and values and those of your company, the greater opportunity you have to live in that shared space of purpose.

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