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The talented staff members at your organization are the lifeblood of your company and it's imperative you keep them happy and productive. Many of your most valuable staff members likely have a tendency to want to work very hard and excel – which is a great thing for your organization. Unfortunately, when these leaders at your company push themselves too hard, this could lead to burnout.
You don't want your most valuable team members to start looking for work elsewhere or to experience a decline in quality of work because of burnout, so it's crucial you make sure your staff isn't overworking themselves. Try these tips to help:
  • Reward based on merit: One of the biggest causes of burnout is employees feeling as if their contributions are not being recognized. Make sure to provide specific praise for staff members who go the extra mile and do things well. You may also want to ensure you have a way to measure performance and can promote based on merit so workers feel their extra efforts have tangible benefits.
  • Let top employees focus on tasks they do best: Your most skilled employees likely have a specific set of tasks that add the most value to the company. If that's the case, take everything else off their plate and let them spend the bulk of their time doing the things that most benefit your business.  
  • Set guidelines for working hours and vacations: Many employees don't take a vacation because they want to be seen as valuable team players, and many work long hours because they think it's what they need to do to get ahead. Set policies to ensure people take enough time off.  They'll be much more productive when they come back.
Eastridge Workforce Solutions can work with you to ensure you have built a strong team that will maximize the chances your organization – and the leaders within it – will be successful. To find out more about how our staffing service can help your organization, give us a call today.

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