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Oct 7, 2021- San Diego, California - Eastridge Workforce Solutions, a global leader in the contingent workforce solutions industry, today publicly announces Eastridge’s SVP of MSP, Dan Rothberg. Dan brings 24 years of MSP and staffing experience to Eastridge Workforce Solutions.

“From the moment I met Dan, I was immediately excited about our shared vision. In an industry that can be seen as ‘set it and forget it,’ Dan and I both believe in an MSP model that is driven by high-touch customer service, creative solutions, and an ability to be a true partner with our clients. With Dan’s experience and leadership perspective, I can continue to partner with our sales team on growing the business, along with serving as a subject matter expert on our Cloud VMS technology.” - Kasey Hadjis, President of Workforce Management.

Prior to joining Eastridge, Dan spent five years with MSP provider Workspend as a SVP and then President and 19 years as a VP with Volt Consulting Group.

  1. What excites you the most about Eastridge?  

Culture and Collaboration! Those two, positioned with Eastridge Workforce’s growth, translates into a fast-moving opportunity to continue to develop and learn.

  1. What’s your superpower and how will you leverage that to make an impact at Eastridge?

Top Tier Customer Service! In today’s B2B environment even basic customer service is a major differentiator.  Although I believe customer service is already a strong pillar in Eastridge’s philosophy I plan to ensure it is paramount in every solution we deliver.

  1. What inspired you to pursue a career in sales?

Like most in the industry, I fell into staffing and ultimately workforce solutions.  Although my job is technically not a sales role, we sell ourselves, our company, our solutions, and our experience every day.  The results of our sales are solid relationships, great references, new opportunities, and overall growth.

  1. How has your life experience shaped your leadership style?  

In spite of today’s technology, people are still the backbone of business.  This is even more so in a service environment.  As a result, proper leadership develops accountability, loyalty, and ultimately, people performing at higher levels.

  1. In your experience, what is the key to motivating, developing, and directing a good team?

I believe there are several keys to leadership.  These include:

  1. Know who you are leading at a macro and personal level. Recognizing that people have different motivations is essential.
  2. Don’t ask anyone to do something you are unwilling to do yourself - lead by example.
  3. As a leader, be accountable and lead by example
  4. Recognizing that the person with the biggest title doesn't always have the best ideas.  In fact, more often than not, that is usually the case.  Always be open to the perspectives of others

  1. What is a key takeaway from the last five years of your career?  

Change continues and is moving faster than ever.  To be successful change must be accepted and embraced.  The application of traditional approaches is becoming less and less relevant.

  1. Who is someone that you admire and why? 

The person I most admired was my father who in addition to the basic life principles of integrity, honesty, and helping others, taught me the foundation of successful leadership.

  1. What are you really good at, but happy to never do anymore?  

Retail sales.

  1. What's one part of a previous company's culture that you hope to bring to Eastridge?  


  1. What was the last thing you nerded out on?  

LEGOs.  When covid first started I purchased a large LEGO model of over 2,500 pieces to build with my son.  

  1. What are some things outside of work that you’re passionate about?

Doing fun things with my family, motorsports including racing motocross and home improvement projects.

  1. How do you think Eastridge will change in two years, and how do you see yourself as part of that change?

Growth will be the primary change over the next few years.  This will be the result of organic growth, deeper service offerings, and larger accounts and programs.  I am excited to be part of the team that will help realize the growth and overall potential.

Please reach out to Dan directly, if you have any questions or thoughts on his new role at Eastridge.   

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