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FAQ - Payrolling



Does Eastridge provide its services in all 50 states? Internationally?

Yes. We are able to provide support in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Other countries are currently served through a partner network as we expand globally.

Does Eastridge offer benefits to workers?

Yes. We offer ACA-compliant healthcare benefits to all eligible workers after 59 days on assignment. Eligible workers are those that work full-time with an average schedule of 30 hours per week.

Can Eastridge employ workers who are on a visa?

Yes, but with some exceptions. Reach out to our sales team for more clarification on which worker visas we can support.



General Information

Is there an opportunity to become a full-time worker if my position is contract-based?

Yes. Depending on our clients’ needs and timing, our contract-based candidates often have the opportunity to transition to full-time employment.

Which companies do you work with?

We partner with thousands of companies in more than 15 unique industries across North America and the United Kingdom.

Updating Personal Information

How do I update my tax paperwork?

If you require any edits, email or contact 866-826-2806.

I recently moved. How do I change my address?

Update your address and phone number, and add additional contact information on WebCenter.


I can’t log in to my account. What do I do?

Login to your account on WebCenter. Your username is your email address. If you do not remember your password, you may select 'Forgot Password' to reset it.

Does Eastridge offer benefits to workers?

Yes, we offer ACA-compliant healthcare benefits to all eligible workers. Eligible workers are those that work full-time with an average schedule of 30 hours per week. We also offer auxiliary benefits such as 401(k), IRA, dental, vision, and life insurance products.

When am I eligible for benefits?

You are eligible for benefits on the 1st of the month after 59 days on assignment. You will receive an email notification and a mailed postcard from our benefits team about 30 days into your assignment if you are an eligible worker.

How do I enroll in benefits? Can I make changes to my benefits enrollment at any time?

Submit your enrollment form to You are only able to make changes (add/drop coverage or dependents) during our annual open enrollment or if you’ve experienced a qualifying life event (QLE).

Am I entitled to maternity leave (or any other leave)? Whom do I contact?

Please email for further instruction on eligibility and processes.

Payroll & Expenses

When do I get paid?

You are paid every Friday for the previous week (Monday-Sunday).

Where is my paycheck?

Eastridge’s pay cycle runs Monday through Sunday with payroll closing on Tuesday. Paychecks for hours worked in the prior week are issued on Friday. Our payroll team is also available at and for additional assistance, feel free to reach out to our Help Line at 800-778-0197.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

The payroll team is available at For additional assistance, feel free to call to our helpline at 800-778-0197.

Where can I view my wage statements and pay stubs?

You can view or print your wage statements on WebCenter.

Do I get paid for holidays?

Eastridge payrolled workers do not accrue paid time off unless the client you’re on assignment with has informed Eastridge. Holiday pay and client closures are unpaid for non-exempt workers.

Why haven't my expenses been paid?

Expenses must be approved by your manager for reimbursement. Please inform your manager that you have expenses pending for approval in the Cloud. If you need further assistance, contact your Eastridge representative.

Employment & Taxes

I need to call out sick. Whom do I contact?

When you are not able to go to work due to illness, please be sure to contact your client manager as well as your Eastridge representative as soon as you know you will be absent or tardy. If applicable, Eastridge offers paid sick time depending on the city/state in which you work with the client. Please review the Sick Time Policy on the Eastridge Self Service Portal under Completed Tasks for state-specific guidelines.

Who is my Eastridge representative?

Your account manager can be found on WebCenter listed as your recruiter. You can also email if you’re unable to find this information.

When will I receive my W2?

W2s are sent at the end of January to the address on file. You can access them on WebCenter. To request a reissue of the hard copy, please contact

I am FICA exempt. How do I make the adjustments?

Please email your I-20 to for these adjustments. Any FICA taxes from the previous year will need to be reimbursed when you file taxes.

My assignment has ended. Am I still eligible for employment with Eastridge?

Yes. Please visit our Job Seekers page for openings.

How do I access my onboarding documents?

Completed onboarding documents, including our policies and procedures and client documents (if applicable), can be found on WebCenter > My Account > Completed Tasks.

How do I apply for unemployment?

Visit your state unemployment website. For unemployment paperwork, please be sure to list Eastridge as your employer:

Eastridge Workforce Solutions

2385 Northside Drive, Suite 250, San Diego CA

Fax: 619-839-3813

Whom do I contact for employment verifications?

Please list Eastridge as your employer. Emailed verifications can be sent to Faxed verifications can be sent to 619-881-8150.