In terms of what I'm the most proud of when it comes to our accounting and finance division, it's been growth that we've been able to experience over the course of the last two years, not to mention in the year that was it, a tough job market universally. This team has really been able to pivot. One of the challenge that we're seeing is shifting into that temp type of market, which is traditionally just a harder candidate to find because candidates are going to be more adverse to temp roles and direct hire roles. But the way that my team has been able to pivot has been able to use their creativity, leverage their network, go to networking event, meet candidate. One thing that's helped our candidate pool is capturing individuals that are recent college graduate, looking at individuals coming out, graduating with an accounting and finance degree, capitalizing on them immediately, getting to know them immediately. So then they are establishing themselves as that go to person. For this individual, I think go through their career helping them find a role. I think when you help a candidate find a position indebted to you, and they feel like they have that level of loyalty to come back if they're looking for a new role again in the future. It's not the same market that we were in in 2021. We can't sit back and we can't wait for candidates to come to us. This is an incredibly different market from anything I'd ever seen in my eight and a half years at Eastridge. And you have to be so proactive, so creative, so forward thinking. This team is one of the teams that really has been able to capitalize on that and just honestly use Scrappiness that I haven't quite seen in my years that I need to. And so I'm just really proud of the adaptation that the team has had to go through. Traditionally, this team had worked on accountants, clerks, controllers, and now we've expanded out into treasury positions billing, construction based accounting, tax concessions, analyst roles. We've expanded the types of positions that we can work on within the accounting and finance realm. It's not traditional in core focus. I think we have a lot more capabilities and a lot more areas to broaden into and support our clients with. [00:00:00][0.0]


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