The life science staffing. Recruitment at Eastridge basically consists of a team that's local here in San Diego, and we partner with various biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device diagnostics, contract manufacturing organizations and even academic institutions across the country to help them identify talent ranging all the way from a technician level up to a C-level suite person. We can do this for direct hire, permanent placements, temporary placements tend to hire, and even for payroll candidates. We can assist essentially with any talent across medical affairs, clinical operations, research and development, biostatistics, manufacturing, you name it. As long as they have a degree, it'll go to our team.

Yeah. As Grace mentioned, we focus on degreed talent. So really finding those niche field candidates that can be hard to find on your own. We target passive talent. Mainly. These are going to be candidates that are coming in applying to your job posting. We're actually going to head hunt them for you. And the easiest way to explain what our team does is we fill any position that requires a life sciences degree. So as Chris said, entry level all the way up to a VP or C-suite, and we can help nationwide. And we've even done some placements internationally in Asia and Mexico. [00:00:47][0.0]




Leveraging their industry specialization, The Eastridge Life Sciences Recruiting Team partners with clients to quickly get to the heart of each open position, whether temporary or permanent, or for a startup or a large corporation; assessing attributes like growth opportunities, culture, and more, then hunt within Eastridge’s extensive networks and recruiting tools to pinpoint the perfect talent match.