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Companies are transforming how they manage suppliers through compliance, technology, accountability initiatives, and scalability.

With this eBook, we guide organizations through the critical first steps of implementing and updating a successful supplier diversity program, showcasing a commitment to conducting business beyond consumerism and into new, diverse markets.

Key Topics
•     Supplier diversity value proposition
•     Challenges to overcome
•     Setting the strategy
•     Planning a successful launch
•     Key performance indicators (KPIs)
•     Staying relevant

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A supplier diversity program promotes innovation through products, services, and solutions.

  • Although 95% of the top U.S. corporations have a supplier diversity spending goal, with more than $30 trillion in annual spend, female and minority-owned firms generated only 6% of that total.

  • According to a recent study, the growing minority population will account for as much as 70% of the total increase in purchasing power by 2045.

  • Additionally, companies allocating more than 20% of spend to diverse suppliers attribute 2-3x more in annual sales due to their supplier diversity programs compared to those that allocate less.